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1 How do I get Availability serial Number

Availability Serial Number is a set of uniquely generated Eleven (11) digit number that is automatically generated upon approval of the proposed name. The serial number is displayed on the availability print out and labelled SERIAL NUMBER.

  1. To correct wrong selection of classification or name.

Depending on when the error was discovered, the correction can be made through either of the following.

  1. If it was before payment:
  2. Click on ‘’BACK’’ option until you get to availability entry page.
  3. Make the desired correction.
  4. Click on ‘’PROCEED’’ until you get to payment page.
  5. Make payment.
  6. If after payment but before approval: Correction cannot be made until the availability is approved. Upon approval of the name, you have to initiate ‘’CORRECTION OF NAME’’ process on your profile. See process for correction of name.

iii. If after approval: The correction of classification or name can only be done by way of ‘’CORRECTION OF NAME’’. See process for ‘’CORECTION OF NAME’’.

  1. How do I register my Business without using an agent?

You have to create an account on CAC portal, through your account you submit request for name reservation. Upon approval of the proposed name you can proceed to complete the forms and pay the registration fee online.

The duly completed form must be downloaded and printed. The printed documents must be signed by the Subscribers/Directors/Proprietors/Trustee as the case may be.

See procedure for self registration of Business

Please note that the account holder’s details will automatically be used as a first director/proprietor/trustee. This is to ensure that the system is not hijacked by touts.

  1. How do I create account?
  • Access the portal via Corporate Affairs Commission web site – www.cac.gov.ng or type services.cac.gov.ng on the URL.
  • Click on ‘’CREATE ACCOUNT’’.
  • Provide your details.
  • If you are an accredited agent check the box that says ‘’ACCREDITED AGENT’’. Provide the additional information require including the accreditation number in this format nba/ind/12345.
  • Click on ‘’SUBMIT’’.
  • If General Public user, the system will display the USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • If accredited agent an email containing the USER NAME and PASSWORD will be sent to your email address.
  1. Procedure for self registration of Business.
  • Create account.
  • Submit request for name reservation.
  • Log in to the portal using your log in detail.
  • Select ‘’Registration”.
  • Select the appropriate classification “Company, Business Name, or Incorporated Trustee”.
  • Enter the availability serial number, then click on ‘’START’’.
  • The system will display forms, complete the forms and each time you complete one set click on ‘’PROCEED’’ until you get to payment point.
  • Make payment.
  • Download the forms. See “How to download completed form on the Portal’’.
  1. To get started
  • Access the portal via Corporate Affairs Commission web site – gov.ng or type services.cac.gov.ngon the URL.
  • Click on log in.
  • Enter the USERNAME and the PASSWORD
  • Click on log in.
  • The system will display the ‘’TERM OF USE’’.
  • Agree with the terms.
  • Change your password.
  1. I paid for name search via remita. What is the next step?

The payment will be confirmed at the back end and where successful the status will read ‘’PENDING’’ on your history page.

You will have to download and print the completed forms. See ‘How to download completed form on the Portal’’

  1. How to correct name after approval.
  • Identify the name wishing to correct.
  • Click on ‘’ACTION’’
  • Select ‘’CORRECT NAME’’.
  • Enter the correct name(s), reason(s) for the correction and then click on ‘’SAVE & CONTINUE’’.
  • Confirm the correction then make payment.
  1. How to download completed form on the Portal.
  • Select ‘’REGISTRATION’’ on profile page.
  • Identify the name to be registered, click on ‘’ACTION’’.
  • Select ‘’DOWLOAD FORM’’.
  • The system will download the form on your PC from where you print.
  1. What are the procedures for registering an NGO?

NGO can be registered either as a Company Limited by Guarantee or as Incorporated Trustees.

For guidance on difference between the two, kindly see Sections 26 and 590 of Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 CAP C 20 LFN 2004.

Requirements for registration of Company Limited by Guarantee

  • Submit application for name reservation.
  • Complete incorporation forms on CRP or hard copy
  • Print out completed form (if completed on CRP).
  • Submit document in any CAC office
  • There must be minimum of two members as well as minimum of two directors.
  • Attorney General of the Federation’s consent is required for registration. Document is normally sent to the AGF by the Commission on behalf of the applicant.
  • The AGF requires letter of no objection for some classes of object. It is strongly advised to visit the AGF’s office for proper direction on this.

Requirements for registration of Incorporated Trustees

  • Submit application for name reservation.
  • Hold meeting to adopt the special clause, constitution and appoint Trustee(s).
  • Prepare the constitution and minute of the meeting adopting the special clause and appointing the Trustee(s).
  • Obtain set of form for registration or complete the online form on CRP.
  • Make publication of the appointment of the Trustee(s) in two news papers (1 circulating locally and 1 circulating nationally).
  • Wait for 28 days after the publication then present for filing.
  • Each of the Trustees must have two passport photographs.

See Regulation 64 of the Companies Regulations for further reading.

  1. Inability of accredited user to log in.
  • Ensure that your account is activated.
  • Confirm that the user name and password are correctly entered.
  • Check the cases used, the system is case sensitive. That is lower and upper case.
  • Confirm the network.
  • Where the problem persists visit any of our offices.
  1. How to register a company with the name of an existing Business Name .
  • Obtain consent of the Registrar General for a fee of NGN5,000.
  • The application should be accompanied by a letter of consent from the Proprietor of the Business Name.
  • Evidence of payment of annual returns for the Business Name.
  1. How can I get consent code?

Consent code is obtained manually. You have to manually submit all the relevant documents required for consent to the Commission after making the necessary payment.

  1. Who qualifies as a deponent with regard to Section E of CAC1.1
  • A legal practitioner who had looked at the document and formed the opinion that requirement of the law has been complied with.
  • Note: Applicant may pay the sum of NGN500 for the form to be deposed on his behalf by an officer of the Commission.
  1. What are the website address for the Registration and Document Upload?.
  1. How does one pay for the Commission’s services?.
  • All payments are made via the recognized payment platform that is Remita .
  • New incorporation you pay online using card or pay at Bank.
  • Post registration you pay directly on Remita platform using card or pay at Bank
  1. How does one upload and submit incorporation documents?.
  • Visit document upload http://docupload.cac.gov.ngor go to CAC website and click Document Upload.
  • Type the availability code.
  • Choose the originating Office i.e CAC Office where you prefer to collect your certificate
  • Click ‘I’m not a robot’
  • Click to select the document to be attached from computer or any digital device
  • Select the document type
  • Click ‘Attach’
  • Click on ‘Submit’ after attaching the documents
  1. How does one correct an application after payment?.
  • Once you have effected payment, you cannot edit your registration particulars. However, you can write to the Commission for correction and your application will be considered base on merit. It should be noted that once RC number is issued the correction will treated as a post application. In addition, a customer will be able to edit if the application is queried.
  1. How does one use Accreditation Number?
  • Whenever the system requests for your accreditation number always state it in this format: ICAN/IND/… or NBA/IND/…
  1. What does one do where the proprietor’s name appear in multiple times?
  • Login to the portal, call up the application and scroll till you get to where you add proprietor. Click on action of any proprietor you want to remove and delete and remove it.
  1. What does one do if a name is denied in error?
  • Please follow our escalation procedure the issue will treated on merit. Please note that where complaint has merit the correction will be done by the Commission free of charge.
  1. How does one resolve a query online?
  • Click on “correct data”
    b. Click action button beside the place you use to edit/correct and effect changes accordingly.
    c. After a successful correction you click on ‘save’.
    d. Click on ‘resolve query’.
    e. Download documents, sign and upload on the document upload portal.
  1. How does one apply for a refund?
  • Write an application for refund addressed to the Registrar General, Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja. Ensure that you attach the relevant documents i.e. the receipts of payment and state your account details, then submit same at the CAC office closest to your location.
  1. What does one do where a name is wrongly entered?
  • Where a name is denied as a result of wrong entry, or wrong classification i.e. entering a proposed Incorporated Trustees application under Business Name or vice versa, you re-enter the name and ensure you make the right choice.
  1. What is the implication of creating a public user account?
  • Once you have created an account as a public user, your name will automatically appear as the first director/proprietor/trustee of the Company/Business Name/Incorporated Trustee ( NGO ). This is because the medium is for the public who are not agents of the Commission but desire to register their own businesses/NGOs.

SOURCE: http://new.cac.gov.ng/home/frequently-asked-questions/

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