A Complete Guide on How To Start Bee Farming In Nigeria

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A Complete Guide on How To Start Bee Farming In Nigeria

There are various questions that people normally ask with a view to seeking proper understanding of beekeeping business before venturing into it. In beekeeping farming, questions such as who your customers are, where to site the farm, types of equipment to use, labour, training to attend, associations to join, when to harvest and where to buy the bees for starting the business are some of the issues that intending bee farmers are interested in finding answers into .

This write-up intends to put light into some of the grey areas in beekeeping  farming with a view to sensitize the intending farmers particularly youth in Nigeria who intend to go into farming with little capital.

Merit of Keeping bees in Nigeria

  1. Beekeeping is a game that could easily be turned into a money making business within a short period of time. It requires small amount of money to get started. Some other benefits that are not monetary of keeping bees are: better garden yields, fresh honey, and a feeling of self-sufficiency. Beekeeping is indeed very interesting hobby.2. It is easy and cheap to start, it can provide valuable food/medicine for the family and honey and beeswax are important cash crops with ready local and international markets.3. Beekeeping requires little land and therefore is an ideal activity for small scale resourceful-poor farmers.4. Beekeeping also enhances the environment and increases crop yields through pollination.5. Beekeeping gives local people an economic incentive for the retention of natural habitats such as forests and therefore is an ideal activity in any forest conservation programme.
  2. Other products we get from bees are wax (for use in furniture polish, candles and crayons) pollen (used for food, cosmetics, preparation of medicine and hand pollination), propolis (used for repairs of the honeycombs), venom (used for preparing medicine), royal jelly (which is food for queen bees), etc.
  3. Honey and its by-products are used to treat several illnesses. Some of the illnesses claimed to be cured using the therapy include:
  • Immune system dysfunction or problems, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Rheumatoid arthritis, Hay fever.
  • Neurologic problems MS ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Shingles Scar pain
  • Musculoskeletal problemsArthritis Gout Tendonitis, bursitis Spinal 6pain
  • Infectious problems:Bacterial, viral, and fungal illnesses
  • Traumas: Wounds, acute and chronic
  • Burns: Sprains, Fractures
  • Tumors: Benign, Malignant (cancer)


Is there a Market for the Business?

 Bee farming is a profitable venture, which you can set up with less than fifty thousand naira and it won’t require any other expenses unlike othe aspect of farming where you will keep on spending money until harvesting. Beekeeping do not require daily care and you would not need labour until time of harvesting and processing. Bees provide many products apart from the honey you use in many ways.

The market for beekeeping and honey production is huge. From cosmetics, medicine, confectioneries, and the pharmaceutical industries, to religious groups, the demand for organic honey and other by-products make the demand for honey and its by-product to be huge.

Requirements needed to start Bee farming in Nigeria

Some of the things required to start a beekeeping farm are:


A Parcel of land, Bee hives, bee suits, smokers, buckets, jungle boots, wheelbarrows, basins, honey extractor, packaging machine, weighing scales, rubber plastics of various sizes, nylons for packaging, sealing machine ,and a stand-by generator (optional).

After securing the equipment, we will then set  the apiary in a place where the bees can easily find food and water, as this determines the success of your business

How Profitable is Bee farming Business in Nigeria

Let us assume you invested money to start 10 colonies and these colonies produce 10 liters of honey at harvest.

Assume investment of N10,000  per colony x 10 colonies = N100,000

One Colony produces 10 liters of honey per harvest

Retail price in the market is N2,000 per liter

Sales of 10 liters of honey from one colony will be 10 x N2,000 = N20,000

Therefore sales for 10 colonies at N25,000 per colony x 10 colonies = N200,000

Less cost of sales i.e. 200,000 – 100,000 = Gross profit of N100,000

Gross profit less other expense of N20,000 i.e. 100,000 – 20,000 = N80,000

Net profit is N80, 000 or 80% Return on investment


How to Start Your Own Bee Farming Colony

There are primary ways to get bees; you can obtain colonies from existing hives, through a swarm and through the nucleus. The first may be the costliest, but it’s also the easiest method you can adapt. You can look up ready-made colonies from specialist suppliers and established beekeepers.

The nucleus introduces a queen and some of her worker into a certain hive. You can feed the hive with sugar water just until additions are fully established on the new hive.

The swarm on the other hand is the cheapest method to start a colony, yet very difficult to achieve, and potentially dangerous.

You can do it by obtaining a queen, drone, and worker bees in a hive. You feed the bees with sugar cane and water temporarily. Next, provide enough hives dabbed with

Beeswax and put them in an environment conducive for bee swarms as bait to make them enter the hives.

The cheapest method is to capture swarm of bees. Honeybees live in colonies and are untamed but you can bait them into hives by rubbing Beeswax on several hives or boxes scattered in a suitable place the bee swarm would like to form a colony; such as a place with water, plenty flowering plants and excellent weather.

 Honey production is very lucrative as just one hive can produce as much as 10 litres of honey on an average.  It is not capital intensive and can  easily be managed by one person except during the time of extracting the honey when you surely need assistance for effective operation.


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